Museum awarded Kern Community Foundation grant

The Maturango Museum has been awarded a $10,899 grant from the Kern Community Foundation for the purchase of two additional point-of-sale systems for the museum.

One of the systems will be placed in Store Manager Mary Lattig’s office to enable her to order stock to replenish the store and receive shipments into store inventory without impacting the daily sales operations. This back-office system will also reduce errors because fewer interruptions to the store operations will occur.

The other new point-of sale system will be placed in the museum store to enhance point-of-sale capabilities when the new store opens this fall.

The new museum store will be almost three times the size of the current museum store and will allow the museum to stock a larger variety of items and in larger quantities than is currently possible.

The Maturango Museum initially installed a point-of-sale system after receiving an earlier grant from the Kern Community Foundation in March 2011.

This first system resulted in several benefits to the museum including an increase of more than $17,000 in net profit for 2011 by being able to more accurately identify cost of goods sold, thus providing better information on what products to carry in stock.

Better control over the inventory eliminated the need for an annual inventory, and a reduction in items that had run out of stock resulted from having a better record of sales and inventory levels. A significant amount of time was saved in bookkeeping by no longer having a manual system.

In addition to the grant just received from the Kern Community Foundation, the foundation is also matching donations made to the Maturango Museum through Aug. 31 up to a maximum of $1,000.

For information on this matching program or to make a donation to the museum, go to, click on “What’s Happening” on the homepage, then click on “Fundraising Events.”

Follow the instructions on this page to make your donation. All money raised by this matching donations program will be used to purchase new computer hardware and software for the museum.

Story First Published: 2012-08-22