Marshall case sent back to D.A.

Kenneth C. Curnow

The investigation into the child abuse allegations against Chris Marshall, the former head soccer coach for the Burroughs High School girls team, has been clarified and returned to the district attorney’s office as of Monday, according to Sgt. Justin Dampier of the Ridgecrest Police Department Investigations Division.

Last week it was reported that the case had been returned to the investigators by the district attorney’s office after they had decided not to prosecute based on the available evidence.

Citing the sensitive nature of the case, and the need to protect the victims in the case, Dampier declined to make many comments but confirmed in an interview with the News Review on Tuesday that “the D.A. sent the case back to us because they needed some of it clarified. It was clarified and sent back.”

The many families concerned about the outcome of these allegations must now wait for further action from the district attorney’s office.

Story First Published: 2012-08-08