Loose dogs kill pet cat

A local woman reported that her pet cat was killed when loose dogs came into her yard outside the city limits.

“Three huge dogs, a Doberman, a pit bull and a bulldog came into my yard. They were just running free; they teamed up and killed my new kitty cat,” reported Janis Jamison. “She was outside for 15 minutes.

“Now maybe that doesn’t mean much to some people, but … my cats are my only children, and it has caused a lot of hurt here in our household.

“What really frightens me even more is that next door there are kids, and if these dogs had taken it into their heads to take on a little child, I’m sure someone would have been a lot more upset than they are now.”

City and county pet ordinances require dogs to be restrained from roaming. The Ridgecrest Leash Ordinance 5-4.1 Leash Law states, “It shall be unlawful for any person owning, harboring, or having the care, custody, or possession of any dog to keep or maintain any dog in any place in the City except fastened securely by a chain, rope, or leash, or except confined securely within private property legally controlled by the person in possession of the dog.”

If a vicious animal roams onto your property, call 911 and let local law enforcement contact animal control services.

Story First Published: 2012-08-08