We cannot define our future based on unreliable assumptions

For the last several years, the subject of our groundwater availability and use has dominated discussions between elected officials and stakeholders tasked with creating a plan for sustainability. Despite the lack of comprehensive information to determine the scope of our problem — and in complete . . . Read Full Story >>

Try Big Bear for a fun weekend escape

Try Big Bear for a fun weekend escape

By JAYME KINARD News Review Correspondent Last weekend, my husband and I took a short trip to Big Bear Lake and rented a cabin for the weekend. Visiting Big Bear has been recommended to us many times, so we had to see what all the . . . Read Full Story >>

Community Spotlight:  Michelle Lemke

Community Spotlight: Michelle Lemke

By JAYME KINARD, News Review Correspondent In a continuing effort to recognize the unsung community heroes who work behind the scenes to improver our community, this week we celebrate the contributions of Michelle Lemke. Born and raised in Ridgecrest, Michelle is the director of human . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Time to reflect on priorities

The Ridgecrest financial data for fiscal year 2017 is now available. The city council will soon be voting on the reconciliation of the budget. This process establishes the final disposition of the funding. This is a good time for the city council and the public . . . Read Full Story >>

Improvements usher in new era for Burros and fans

Improvements usher in new era for Burros and fans

By DIANA REGIER News Review Correspondent By the end of the warm September day, there was a light breeze ushering in a lovely evening. It was a Friday night and I had no commitments, so I decided to do something different and join the community . . . Read Full Story >>

How to prepare to buy a home

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions a person will make in his or her lifetime. If done properly, purchasing will open up a wealth of opportunities. Being prepared will take much of the stress and surprise out of the process. Here . . . Read Full Story >>

Such splendid nonfiction

By DONNA MCCROHAN ROSENTHAL Sometimes you open a gorgeous coffee table volume and nature’s beauty overwhelms you. On other occasions, a tiny treasure informs in the most delightful way. Each of the books below has its own charm. “Big Pacific” (Rebecca Tansley, full-color photos, indexed, . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Concerned about ag in IWV

I’m quoting from [Kern County Planning and Development Department Director] Lorelei Oviatt’s response to an e-mail I generated and circulated, displaying a release regarding Mick Gleason’s commitment to his position as 1st District Supervisor. “Agriculture and oil in this county is a major contribution to . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Comments on flag decorum

I carried a flag in the first [Parade of 1000 Flags] and I’ve only missed two since. Out of state in 2012 and in Bishop one year. There is definitely a great patriotic spirit leading up to and a few days after the parade, more . . . Read Full Story >>

Memory Lane

Memory Lane

Trains posed above and below on the Tehachapi loop, circa 1890. As a follow-up to our feature last week on the popular trainspotting site, we offer this historic photo captured from a vantage point that is no longer publicly accessible. -- Creative Commons, California Historical . . . Read Full Story >>

Water Wisdom: A look at Denmark’s groundwater experience

By DON ZDEBA, IWV?Water District General Manager I recently returned from a fact-finding trip on water resource management in Denmark. At the invitation of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I and 13 others from various California water districts and agencies were educated on lessons . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Questions ‘backdoor’ dealings

Wondering just why the city of Ridgecrest, mainly the Planning Department, always bends over for any city business that goes to the back door and cries, especially about the Walmart Super Center … so the Planning Department is really good, and that’s about all, for . . . Read Full Story >>

Kinard’s ‘spin’ on Sierra Cycle Studio

Kinard’s ‘spin’ on Sierra Cycle Studio

By JAYME KINARD News Review Correspondent If you’re anything like me, finding the motivation to get active and exercise is a struggle. On the rare occasion that I can convince myself to go to the gym, after about 15 minutes of wandering around, I start . . . Read Full Story >>

Trains, trails and Tehachapi treasures

Trains, trails and Tehachapi treasures

By REBECCA NEIPP News Review Staff Writer School may be back in session, but summer is far from over, as our relentless thermometers reminded us this past sweltering weekend. With half a day free on Sunday, we managed to shave 15 degrees off our daily . . . Read Full Story >>

In the Loop: September kicks off fall festivities

By DONNA MCCROHAN ROSENTHAL September will leave you shaking your head over where to go first. Festivals? Fly over somewhere or pretend to? Enjoy great music? Pick not just one but many from this roundup of tips for short hops to nearby destinations and farther . . . Read Full Story >>

Astronomical Society: A good month to watch the heavens

By ROGER?BROWER The next meeting of the China Lake Astronomical Society will be held Monday, Sept. 11, at 7:30 a.m. at the Maturango Museum. The next star party will be held Sept. 22, with signs out at 8:30 p.m. and viewing at 9 p.m. SEPTEMBER . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Objects to writer’s use of ‘Nazi’

In recently published letter to the editor in both the Daily Independent and News Review, an open letter from Mike Neel was published. While you do not control the opinion content of Letters to the Editor it is up to each publication to decide whether . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Reading program a success

As the “Reading by Design” Summer Reading Challenge has finished and numbers have been finalized, we are excited to report that the Ridgecrest Branch Library had 378 finishers who read 5,700 books in June and July! We had 308 children and early readers listen to . . . Read Full Story >>

Newly unpotable portal water

Newly unpotable portal water

When it comes to making a statement, I generally subscribe to the George Patton school of thought. So when I recommended the unparalleled taste and quality of the mountain spring water at Whitney Portal, I thought this was certainly a cautious and calculated endorsement, rather . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: China Lake is ‘Funky’s Town’

Capt. Karl “Funky” Andina’s letter to the editor was wonderful! He mirrors my feelings of love for this valley and its residents. He seems to have a very positive and appreciative attitude. What a shame that his five-year term of duty with NAWS China Lake . . . Read Full Story >>