Star gazing: May brings viewing opportunities

Star gazing: May brings viewing opportunities

By ROGER BROWER, China Lake Astronomical Society The China Lake Astronomical Society will hold its next astronomy-related program Monday, May 2, at 7:30 p.m. in the Maturango Museum. The star party will be held Friday, May 6, with the signs out at 8:30 p.m. and . . . Read Full Story >>

In the audience: The magic is upon us!

In the audience: The magic is upon us!

By NICK ROGERS Wow! Movie lovers, can you believe it? The Historical Society of the Upper Mojave Desert has just finished up its exciting cinematic series “Americans Abroad,” and the summer season is quickly approaching. That means it’s “Summer of Movie Magic” (the fourth season) . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: ‘Put shame where it belongs’

After reading the article “Council tables casino ....” I don’t believe I read anything in there about the casino bring jobs or how wonderful it would be for Ridgecrest families to take their children to a casino to learn about Native American culture. I did . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Questions handling of casino

I have a couple of specific questions for each member of the City Council. 1. What was the exact date of your first contact regarding the casino? 2. Who initiated that contact? Oh, and thank you for 2 days notice. At least now you know . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Supports library enhancement

Thanks to the efforts of Advocates for Library Enhancement (ALE), a 0.125-percent sales tax proposal (i.e. 12.5 cents on $100 taxable) for libraries (Measure F) is on the June 7 primary ballot. If the measure is successful, the funds raised will be dedicated solely to . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor Let the people decide

After talking to numerous people about this [casino] issue, it became clear that one important approach to deciding this has been completely neglected. The citizens of Ridgecrest should have opportunity to have a direct referendum vote on this. If this out-of-state developer wants to bring . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Encourages support for Measure F

Some people question why libraries are needed today, but it a fallacy to believe that everything is available on the Internet. Much of the flood of information available is inaccurate or false. The most accurate, dependable and scholarly information is only available for a price . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Casino profit comes from us

In order to be as factual as possible I researched six or seven sites regarding casinos. Numerous studies have provided data as to the effect a casino has on a community. The negative effect far outweighed the positive. Maybe it would bring jobs in — . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: DKG thanked for support

Our sincere thanks to the members of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society for their generous $725 donation to AAUW Tech Trek. Our goal is to send six local 7th-grade girls to a week of Tech Trek Camp each summer. The girls will attend camp at . . . Read Full Story >>

Guest Editorial: Casino issue demands long, careful thought

Guest Editorial: Casino issue demands long, careful thought

Until Wednesday night’s Ridgecrest City Council meeting, I was generally very pleased with the performance of our city government. However, the handling of the casino initiative was so egregiously wrong that it deserves further comment. Obviously, work to bring a casino to Ridgecrest has been . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Prop F is a winner for all

Who is illiterate? Most children in the juvenile court system and most prisoners are functionally illiterate. Bakersfield also stands out for illiteracy. Over an eight-year period, Bakersfield has been ranked lowest, or almost lowest, in literacy among cities in the United States with populations over . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Time to act on the evidence

Last week’s editorial entitled “We cannot continue to ignore the evidence” dealt with water problems in the IWV. It was an attention-grabbing title, and I expected to be read real evidence in ensuing comments. Instead, I read comments extracted from a memorandum prepared by Dr. . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: ‘Why is this being allowed?’

Where do I begin? We’ll start from present and move back. They are coming in our [the family of William Dale Howard] house in the morning for inspection to sell it. This comes after many years of battle with the city of Ridgecrest. The city . . . Read Full Story >>

We cannot continue to ignore the evidence

In light of the current debate over water availability in the Indian Wells Valley basin, we continue to look for data that is relevant to a sustainable solution. Much of the evidence brought forward by those who have questioned our designation as a “critically overdrafted . . . Read Full Story >>

REVIEW: Ridge Writers on Books

REVIEW: Ridge Writers on Books

By DONNA MCCROHAN ROSENTHAL When Eva Poole-Gilson spoke at the Ridge Writers meeting earlier this month, she introduced her audience to California Poets in the Schools. One of the largest artist-in-residence programs in the country, “CPITS” has reached hundreds of school districts since its founding . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Council is sending wrong message

Regarding the City Council’s decision last week not to adopt a code of ethics … I think the council is sending the wrong message at the wrong time. On the contrary, with a new Measure L drive on the horizon, the council should be doing . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Your neighbor is being persecuted

So you think you have rights in this town, you know, basic God-given rights such as those supposedly guaranteed in our State Constitution, like “Art 1, Sec. 7a - A person may not be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Support your local RPD

Do you want to have a safer community, lower crime, less stress in your daily life, better utilization of your taxes for public health and safety? It is simple. Support your local Ridgecrest Police Department. I bet you thought that you were providing that very . . . Read Full Story >>

Editorial: Message of water shortage inhibits growth

Because there are those locally who are unfamiliar with the long ongoing controversy over water resources, we are publishing this account of a previous attempt to bring an industry to this valley. There is precedent for local resistance to economic growth in the valley — . . . Read Full Story >>

In the Audience: Don’t stop the magic!

In the Audience: Don’t stop the magic!

By NICK ROGERS Every year, throughout my star-struck childhood, I would stay up late and tune in to the annual Academy Awards. It was always such a thrill to see my favorite movie icons on the television screen. The excitement and anticipation wore off as . . . Read Full Story >>