California’s Old West

By DONNA MCCROHAN ROSENTHAL With Bishop’s Mule Days right around the corner on May 22- 27 and Lone Pine’s June 2 “Concert in the Rocks” in Lone Ranger Canyon, we might find ourselves wondering, “What fascinating facets of Western lore happened around here and farther . . . Read Full Story >>

Get a home renovation loan!

By CLINT FREEMAN, Coldwell Banker Best Realty Finding a great low-priced home is getting as difficult as finding a rainbow — after the rain in Ridgecrest. An occasional rainbow will appear, but you’ll need to quickly view it and then be in awe of it, . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Oasis thanks WACOM

On behalf of Oasis Garden Club of IWV, I would like to thank WACOM for your generous donation to our organization. We have put your donation toward a Blue Star Marker which has been ordered. Once the marker arrives, it will be installed at China . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: 395 needs more enforcement

This letter concerns the current anger and anguish about fatal accidents on Highway 395. A narrow road does not force unsafe traffic on either Highway 395 or 14. The common link in these accidents is reckless and aggressive drivers. To make changes to the actual . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Points to recent improvements

This is in response to the letter titled “Where are the improvements?” in the paper dated May 11, 2018. Our street, Inyo Street, was resurfaced within the past year. A street around the corner from us, Hermosa, was completely redone after that. More recently they . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Book sale brings funds

It is definitely spring, and we have warmer, sunnier days ahead. The Friends of the Ridgecrest Library have stayed busy with our semi-annual book sale, earning more than $3,000. In addition to acknowledging our volunteers, I wanted to thank Janice Norcross for her long hours . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: PCC thanks WACOM

On behalf of the Ridgecrest Pregnancy Care Center, I would like to thank the ladies of WACOM for donating to our organization in their recent distributions of funds. Apart from giving 51 percent of their proceeds to the Navy Relief Fund, they allot the remaining . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Trustee comments on May revise

On Friday, May 11, Gov. Jerry Brown released his updated budget for California, also known as the May revise. Within the budget, there is a line item of $120 million to prop up a new California Online Community College that is supposedly going to close . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Comments on road tax

The citizens of Ridgecrest have imposed two special sales tax measures upon themselves, Measure-L in 2012 and Measure-V in 2016. The City Council told us that the revenue would be spent on police and roads, and would not be used for other purposes. For the . . . Read Full Story >>

Yes — you can  leave a legacy

Yes — you can leave a legacy

By JULIUS BOTELHO, Alpha Omega Wealth When you are dead and gone, what will your family carry on that you started? What will your impact on future generations be? Have you noticed that people don’t seem to be talking about that sort of thing much . . . Read Full Story >>

Movie magic starts Wednesday, May 16

Movie magic starts Wednesday, May 16

By NICK ROGERS Movie magic begins in May It’s baaack! This summer marks the sixth season of classic films presented every Wednesday evening at 7 p.m., from mid-May to early August. The “Summer of Movie Magic” film series is the Historical Society of the Upper . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: AAUW thanks WACOM

Our sincere thanks to WACOM for its generous donation to the AAUW Tech Trek program. Our goal is to continue to send local seventh-grade girls to a week of Tech Trek Camp at a California university to study STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Every . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor ‘What is he running for?’

At Wednesday evening’s City Council meeting I found Councilmember Wallace Martin’s proposal that Ridgecrest take an active position against California SB 54 (Sanctuary City Law) highly political and seemingly intentionally divisive. It was laced with negative references to California, Democrats, the ACLU, the governor etc., . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Calls for unity

As many people in Ridgecrest know me as “that Shoutouts Guy,” I typically try and stay as far away from any political battles that come up. In terms of the Timbisha Shoshone Tribal Casino coming into Ridgecrest, I am very much in favor. Yes, we . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Questions tribe’s change of mind

So ... George Gholson tries to say that he was telling the truth five months ago at the committee meeting when he emphatically said his tribe would not get into the retail marijuana business. I have the recorded statement, there is no backtracking on this . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Where are the improvements?

In November 2012, because federal and state law makers continue to steal gasoline taxes and to place them in the general fund rather than applying them to their natural intended purpose, the construction and maintenance of highways, roads, and streets, the citizens of Ridgecrest acquiesced . . . Read Full Story >>

Applauds turnout, support for Community Day

Applauds turnout, support for Community Day

China Lake Mountain Rescue Group volunteer (center) demonstrates to the son of Rebecca McCourt (right) what it feels like to be in a rescue rig. CLMRG was one of dozens of participating groups that came out to give visitors hands-on experiences at Community Day. — . . . Read Full Story >>

May brings a feast for all senses!

By DONNA MCCROHAN ROSENTHAL Everyone seems to want to feed us in May. But other delights await as well, as you will read in this roundup of tips for short hops to nearby destinations and longer trips in California. Down below in Los Angeles, you . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Defends casino support

My letter is in response to Mike Neel’s comments concerning the Ridgecrest Area Convention and Visitors Bureau’s “sell out” as proclaimed by Neel. I am not sure why Neel believes the RACVB sold out, as the RACVB’s goal is to promote area tourism. Construction of . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Calls out Leahy on accusation

Wow! I’ve seen a growing trend, and it isn’t good. According to Scott Leahy [News Review, April 27, 2018] because I don’t share the same opinion as him with respect to the casino, I’m a fundamentalist and a racist. It is so interesting to me . . . Read Full Story >>