Time to find a solution

Surely the hopelessness of the pathway we are on in our efforts to solve our water issue is becoming evident. As more fees are being incurred, fees that will be increasing more and more as hot weather approaches, the protests will increase significantly by the . . . Read Full Story >>

But wait! What happens next?

COLDWELL BANKER, BEST REALTY, CLINT FREEMAN, BROKER ASSOCIATE Congratulations! Your purchase offer has just been accepted by a well-qualified buyer. Emotions are high and it’s time to seriously start packing and preparing for the move. Some sellers say, “I can’t believe it’s happening!” But wait!?! . . . Read Full Story >>

Celebrate a glorious Easter

Easter as I remember it growing up in Lancaster California circa mid thirties. I was one of 4 children, the only girl. Easter to me meant getting a new dress. It was referred to as an Easter dress. It came with a new pair of . . . Read Full Story >>

Writer needs help with memoir

I would be grateful for any help with my memoir-in-progress as it relates to my time in Indian Wells Valley in a time long past. I was there from early August, 1979, to around mid-December, 1981, before returning to reporting the news abroad, and later . . . Read Full Story >>

Adversity changes our lives

Volumes have been written concerning the COVID pandemic. One could say “what more can be said?” Since this has been such an earthshaking event of biblical proportions, it takes constant reviewing just to get our heads and hearts around it. We have not walked this . . . Read Full Story >>

Get the Kids Back to School

By WILLIAM WRIGHT Special to The News Review When I took time out from “big city journalism” to spend time in the High Mojave, I was struck by how well educated Ridgecrestians and China Lakers were. There seemed to be a physicist or engineer or . . . Read Full Story >>

‘Achieving water sustainability comes at a cost’

IWV Water District, Don Zdeba By now you will have received the initial bill from the Water District (“District”) that includes a line entitled “GA Fees”. Due to limited spacing available on our bill, the total listed includes the Groundwater Extraction, or “Pumping”, Fee, and . . . Read Full Story >>


Review by Donna McCrohan Rosenthal … and some with stickers that stick. We like books that make “great reads.” These do, but add wonderful enhancements, two with sound chips and two with stickers. “She Spoke” (by Kathy MacMillan and Manuela Bernardi, illus. Kathrin Honesta, ages . . . Read Full Story >>

Border not just a crisis but ‘a heartbreak’

With all of the darkness that is befalling us right now, the most grevious is the report from Congressman Kevin McCarthy, as he reports what he saw at the border just days ago. He spoke of it as not only a crisis at the border, . . . Read Full Story >>

There is a need for adult supervision

The cost of water is out of control. Most people in the valley have received their January water bills from the Water District. Some people have received a February water bill. It is easy to see that Tier 1 water has gone up by a . . . Read Full Story >>

Catch the vision and pursue it

The messages brought by the speakers at the 2021 Economic Outlook Conference gives us a lot of food for thought. The Ridgecrest Chamber of Commerce is to be commended on bringing together such a powerful conference. It is amazing how such a small community of . . . Read Full Story >>

Assigning meaning to a vision forms its reality

Imagine a community with a tradition that bonded all citizens with a common goal, where people do agree that we are all one people and understand that prosperity thrives in unity. Envision neighborhoods working together, using their talents, creativity and efforts to pull their strings . . . Read Full Story >>

Jacks Ranch and Bowman Roads becoming trashy

We live on the corner of Jacks Ranch Road and Bowman Road and we get a lot of trash along our property lines. The county land fill is only a ¼ mile west and the employees do a good job of containing the waist there. . . . Read Full Story >>

It’s past time to repave and rebuild city roads

When driving on Balsam Street (That is going to be another letter to the Editor), just off W Ridgecrest Blvd, should you turn left on Panamint Street you had better beware. That street is in such a horrible condition, that I almost dropped my Comanche . . . Read Full Story >>

Senator Grove slams governor’s speech

Senator Grove slams governor’s speech

Today, Senator Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) issued the following statement after Governor Newsom delivered his State of the State Address at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles: “While I appreciate the governor’s optimism about the people of California, his speech was nothing short of an alternative reality . . . Read Full Story >>

Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

A headline in a recent AP news article reads, “Half a million dead in US, confirming virus’s tragic reach.” The stark reality that this pandemic has reached into the further most corners of the earth still leaves us in a mind fog. The gravity of . . . Read Full Story >>

Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

A headline in a recent AP news article reads, “Half a million dead in US, confirming virus’s tragic reach.” The stark reality that this pandemic has reached into the further most corners of the earth still leaves us in a mind fog. The gravity of . . . Read Full Story >>

What kind of a world will we leave to our children?

Last week the News Review published the 2020 Baby Parade Special Section. As I viewed the several pages of baby photos, I had to ask myself, “What kind of a world are we going to offer this generation?” Happy, innocent faces without a care in . . . Read Full Story >>

What fools!

What fools we mortals be Allowing a nasty bug so wee To overwhelm our dumb us Hear us whine, shout and cuss Such pigheaded resistance To keeping our distance Refusing such a little task Of wearing a little mask Creating such a giant fuss Asking . . . Read Full Story >>

Celebrate their greatness

As we celebrate Presidents Day this week, we need to take a look back in the history of this country remembering our great presidents. We need to honor them, celebrate them, and be reminded of what they have contributed to our freedom to help preserve . . . Read Full Story >>