Guest Editorial: California’s common ground with Washington

By Kevin McCarthy and Vince Fong The Golden State has a golden opportunity if Sacramento and D.C. can work together. On two key infrastructure issues — water and highways — we have much to gain by working side-by-side to jump-start long overdue infrastructure projects throughout . . . Read Full Story >>

REVIEW: Ridge Writers on Books: ‘Picks & Chews:

Memberrs of the Trona Senior Center found a wonderful way to celebrate theirtown’s centennial. They compiled a cookbook full of recipes accompanied by residents’ profiles, drawing not only on the bygone days but also on the reminiscences of contemporary citizens who make their mark in . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Comments on Pinney Pool

Unfortunately, the Pinney Pool is closed. Possibly hundreds, if not thousands, of kids will not be able to enjoy the fun and exercise that they enjoyed for the past decades. William Johnson would have been much better off joining the In Shape gym at a . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Responds to Summers letter

This is a response to a letter written by Lorraine Summers. After President Washington and the creation of the U.S. Constitution, the leaders have been slowly yet systematically chipping away and perverting the Constitution. Why do you think the Government created the secular schools? They . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Open letter to Rep. McCarthy

You surely must understand that the history of the next four years will be written by the children of marginalized women, mistreated immigrants, and maligned dissenters. Those who are affected today by this administration’s unpopular, undemocratic, and just plain unkind policies will document tomorrow your . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Property rights destroyed

Individual property rights in Ridgecrest are now destroyed and anyone with a court excuse can take over your property. That’s right, forget the supposed rights set out in the California Constitution in Article 1. Forget what you thought were your God-given rights to be safe . . . Read Full Story >>

Renowned desert dancer dies

Renowned desert dancer dies

We mourn the Jan. 30 death of Marta Becket, 92, famed proprietor and star of the Amargosa Opera House. Becket, who had a lot of friends in Ridgecrest, is shown at the opera house in 2003 with another deeply mourned desert treasure — Dr. Jean . . . Read Full Story >>

In the Audience: Third time’s a charm?

By NICK ROGERS I have been very excited to present the Classic Movie Night’s latest film series “Of Epic Proportions: Classic Hollywood Film Spectacles,” capturing the industry’s love of big-budget, big-production, big-cast, big- profit box office bonanzas. All five of the films in this series . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Cost of ambulance ‘ridiculous’

On Jan. 27, my wife and I were involved in an auto accident. The police and fire departments were called out, and they did a very professional job of taking care of business at hand. Liberty Ambulance was called out as both my wife and . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: To the people of the USA

Please listen and read, U.S, citizens: We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to the United States citizens . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Speaks on groundwater issue

Due to a travel commitment, I am unable to personally comment at the Groundwater Authority meeting scheduled for Feb. 16. I offer this letter to the editor in lieu. As our Groundwater Authority, you have but one overriding issue worthy of your focus, namely, reducing . . . Read Full Story >>

REVIEW: Ridge Writers on Books

By DONNA MCCROHAN ROSENTHAL Subtitled “10 Rules for Nurturing Risk Takers, Problem Solvers, and Change Makers,” Bisnow’s guide has drawn on interviews with dozens of families to formulate rules for raising gutsy, innovative children. Bisnow reasons that the question “What do you want to be . . . Read Full Story >>

From the State Capitol: We need a climate that works for all

By VINCE FONG, California Assembly Recognizing the need to reduce the burdens of overregulation to spur our nation’s economy, Congress put on the top of its legislative agenda the REINS Act, which would require the House and Senate to approve any major regulation before it . . . Read Full Story >>

Real Estate: How to attract more buyers

By CLINT FREEMAN, Coldwell Banker Best Realty It’s a New Year and with it brings many sellers preparing their homes for the market. Some buyers are looking for fixer-uppers; however, the majority of buyers gravitate toward move-in-ready homes. Here are a few tips without going . . . Read Full Story >>

In the Loop: Trendy destinations for February travels

By DONNA MCCROHAN ROSENTHAL February brings everything from Black History Month to underwater exploration. Legos achieve prominence too, as you will read in this roundup of tips for short hops to nearby destinations and longer trips in California. Down below in Los Angeles, the California . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Supports Griffin on water board

Having heard of the discussion about the alternate representative to the GSA on Jan. 24, I wanted to make some comments. Regarding Mr. Griffin not being apprised of meetings and not getting meeting information (as has been stated at two board meetings), along with the . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Grieves for the Howards

After I read the letter by Mike Neal, my heart grieves for Mr. and Mrs. Howard. I thought all of this was taken care of. But apparently those on the city council and the ruling class in this town walk in the kingdom of darkness. . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Contrasts 2009, 2017 climates

After Nov. 8, I was surprised — like most of the country! Donald Trump was my third choice, but ultimately as a conservative Republican he was clearly the best alternative. Since then I have become amazed at the apoplectic response so many on the other . . . Read Full Story >>

Guest Editorial: Acquifer study report is a good-news story

Guest Editorial: Acquifer study report is a good-news story

By STAN RAJTORA The Navy released an Indian Wells Valley aquifer study report in September 2016. The report is mostly a good news story and most of our previous beliefs have once again been reconfirmed. The deep production wells, Navy and water district, should not . . . Read Full Story >>

From the Nation’s Capitol: A better way on health care

From the Nation’s Capitol: A better way on health care

By HOUSE MAJORITY LEADER KEVIN MCCARTHY The Sacramento Bee’s editorial board makes dire predictions about what repealing Obamacare will mean for California (“McCarthy May Be Hazardous to His Own District’s Health,” Editorials, Jan. 17). Unfortunately, the board gravely neglects the facts. It is true that . . . Read Full Story >>