To the Editor: Rebuts O’Neil letter

On May 22 a letter stating support for 5G cell technology written by Scott O’Neil on behalf of the IWV EDC (that he is paid to run) was printed. As that letter had numerous ambiguities, incorrect assumptions or misleading statements of fact I would like . . . Read Full Story >>

Library offers curbside service

By CHARISSA WAGNER, librarian Beginning Monday, June 1, the Kern County Library is entering a phased reopening with the operation of our Call Center at Headquarters. The Call Center will be able to help with requests the public may have, signing up customers for the . . . Read Full Story >>

Star Gazing

By ROGER BROWER The China Lake Astronomical Society canceled its June meeting and Star Party, and announced that no gatherings will be held until further notice. JUNE CELESTIAL CALENDAR: 1. Venus moves to the morning sky this month where it will be visible in the . . . Read Full Story >>

Urges support for 5G

Urges support for 5G

At the May 5 Ridgecrest City Council meeting the topic was raised on the public safety of the 5G cellular networks technology. 5G is the fifth-generation technology standard for the cellular telephone industry. It is the planned successor to the 4G/LTE network standard on which . . . Read Full Story >>

Who I think about on Memorial Day

Who I think about on Memorial Day

The meaning of Memorial Day often gets buried, between our modern attempts to reorient the observance into a kick-off for summer and the holiday's confusing origins in our country. Even deliberate attempts to set aside this day to remember our fallen can be difficult. I . . . Read Full Story >>

‘For your Consideration: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’

By Tres Dean, Quirk Books, paperback, 158 pages, 2019, $14.99 ------------ By DONNA MCCROHAN ROSENTHAL Quirk Publishing’s “For Your Consideration” series easily answers the call for light, entertaining, fact-filled reading. Each short book focuses on a current celebrity, not with chronological biography but rather, offering . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Calls for an end to GA

The unelected “Groundwater Authority” should be known as the Groundwater Tyrants. You know, a group that does what they want with our water and our right to use it for our best good, without any accountability whatsoever. Since when in this country did five people . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: ‘I need a haircut’

An open letter to the governor of California. I NEED A HAIRCUT. I am an 89-year-old white male and a retired electro-optical engineer. I did not get to be 89 years old by being stupid, so that means I know how to take care of . . . Read Full Story >>

Taking a moment for reflection

Taking a moment for reflection

By DR. DAVID OSTASH, Supervisor Sierra Sands Unified School District As a lifelong public educator, I have always believed that schools serve as a “hub of the community.” We are an asset for all in the community – there is something for everyone. From academics . . . Read Full Story >>

Butterfly release brings healing, closure

Butterfly release brings healing, closure

The annual Butterfly Release, like every other signature event and celebration in our culture, is not immune to statewide restrictions on public gatherings. So this year’s observance will be limited to a virtual watch party to set free scores of Painted Lady butterflies in the . . . Read Full Story >>

Home market is still hot

Home market is still hot

By CLINT FREEMAN The COVID 19 pandemic is wreaking havoc in some parts of California and the nation, where home sales are tumbling and home values are predicted to follow. One could conclude that the Ridgecrest market would also follow suit since the nation’s economy . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Our ‘secretive city’

The city of Ridgecrest and the Navy are currently negotiating a plan that will have longlasting effects on the future and economy of this valley. The city council has had closed- door sessions for years regarding a new Wastewater Treatment Facility, including the use of . . . Read Full Story >>

 To the Editor: Grad party committee adapts to distancing

To the Editor: Grad party committee adapts to distancing

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Committee for Safe Graduation is unable to host the All Night Bash for the graduating 2020 Seniors from Trona High, Burroughs High, Immanuel Christian, Mesquite Continuation, Star Home School and Ops For Learning schools. We are working with the . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: Concerned about loss of rights

A government becomes obsolete when it either believes it has the power or grants itself the power to take away the peoples’ inherent natural rights given to them by the creator. Protecting those rights is the reason why our founders’ created our republic. Under our . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: ‘Now it’s our turn’

To all you boys, men, or whatever you consider yourselves these days — Mother’s Day is coming. You all best do the right thing and visit, call or write that wonderful lady who gave up her life so you could have yours. Just remember all . . . Read Full Story >>

Finding peace with the help of a good book

Finding peace with the help of a good book

“Perhaps there is some secret sort of homing instinct in books that brings them to their perfect readers. How delightful if that were true.” — The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society —————— I should clarify — I don’t think it’s the reader who . . . Read Full Story >>

Halt new tax burdens

By ASSEMBLYMAN VINCE FONG As California prepares for the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Newsom administration must also be focused and prepare on how to best support our state’s communities and businesses moving forward. To revitalize our economy, we must provide our small business . . . Read Full Story >>

Stars ... in your multitudes ...

By ROGER BROWER China Lake Astronomical Society has canceled its May 4 meeting, as well as all other star parties, until further notice. MAY CELESTIAL CALENDAR: 1. Venus will shine brightly in the west-northwest evening this month. 2. Mercury moves to the evening sky where . . . Read Full Story >>

‘My Life as a Potato’

By Arianne Costner, illus. James Lancett, ages 8-12, 259 pgs., Random House, hardcover, 2020, $16.99 ------------ By DONNA MCCROHAN ROSENTHAL Local author Arianne Costner tells a funny, observant, can’t-put-down story about seventh-grader Ben Hardy, the new kid in school. His family has moved from Los . . . Read Full Story >>

To the Editor: ‘End the unelected GA’

Tired of being told what to do and when you might be able to do it? How does it feel to have government take almost complete control of your life? Perhaps you should think about the fact that there is one thing your local power . . . Read Full Story >>